One of the biggest challenges with any Swimming Pool Designs are the plans supplied to pool contractors for bidding show only the outlines of the pool, spa and/or water feature, with very little detail.  This leads to inconsistent bids among pool contractors, many bidding undersized or inadequate plumbing, structural steel, wall thicknesses and equipment.

At our design division we work with architects, structural engineers, landscape designers and clients to develop CAD-based swimming pool, spa and waterscape construction drawings. We are equipped to provide total outdoor landscape design and construction.  We can detail-out pool designs for bidding purposes so that pool quotes compare ‘apples to apples'.  This saves many problems and thousands of dollars having to correct issues that we foresee before they come up later in construction.  We can provide these design services for you even if we don’t build the project!

We can provide complete backyard design, construction and landscaping.  Additionally, we have a close association with Neil O. Anderson and Associates, a geotechnical and structural engineering firm who specializes in swimming pools.  We have designed and built pools in some of the most difficult areas, such as steep hillsides, high water tables and highly expansive soils.  We are able to provide seamless outdoor design, engineering and construction services.  Bringing all of these disciplines together under one management system saves time, lowers costs and eliminates the problems dealing with multiple designers, engineers and contractors.

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